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Purchase a gift certificate for you or someone else right here! Place an order for product too!

Purchase a gift certificate for you or someone else right here! Place an order for product too!  


Glymed Plus Professional Skincare     

For over 20 years, GlyMed Plus® has been a renowned leader in the skin care industry, offering a complete range of Professional Only products, combining technologically advanced ingredients with certified botanicals to produce amazing results with NO Animal testing and Vegan products.

 GLO professional Skincare and Makeup



What is Baby Foot?

Baby Foot is an innovative foot care product that will make your feet as smooth and soft as a baby’s foot. The unique formula of 17 types of natural extracts allow your feet to exfoliate naturally leaving them highly moisturized.

This effective and gentle process removes the unwanted dead skin cells that have built up layer after layer. In addition, Baby Foot can improve other foot issues like: Foot Odor, Athletes Foot and Blood Circulation. So say goodbye to rough, dry, cracked soles, by using a product that really works! $25


STYLE EDIT Root Cove $20.oo

Root Concealer

  • WHAT it does.

This instant gray root touch-up spray covers fading roots, extending the life of color between salon visits. the unique pin point applicator targets the areas that need a temporary color boost.

  • What’s in it? color adaptive pigments that smoothly adhere to the hair fiber and self adjust to perfectly match hair color, providing a lustrous, natural shine.
  • What’s NOT in it? mineral oil, petrolatum, parabens, peroxide. not tested on animals.


STYLE EDIT Invisible Dry Shampoo  $20.oo

Hair Filler

WHAT it does.

this instant hair refresher cleans and absorbs excess oil while simultaneously adding body to hair. unique micro-powder is invisible on scalp and hair; won’t leave a powdery residue. because water isn’t needed to cleanse hair, this formula lengthens the time between shampooing, styling and hair coloring.

  • What’s in it. A blend of oil-absorbents and neutralizers conveniently cleans hair without dulling its natural shine.
  • Quick refresh technology neutralizes unwanted odors in the hair, leaving hair fresh and looking clean.
  • Damage repair technology mimics hair’s own keratin for targeted repair of breakage and split ends that continues to work over time.


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