Relaxation – Reiki

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        Relaxation ~Stress Relief & Reiki

Treatments are not provided massage therapists but by licensed Estheticians or Reiki Practitioners and should not be considered substitutes for medical treatments.




As you lay down and remain fully dressed  the practitioner will gently lay their hands over many energy fields that run up and down your spine including your feet for grounding.  What they are doing is sending positive intention to whatever area in your life is calling for it.  Sometimes crystals may be used during a session to increase the energy, such as clear quartz  which helps aid in healing. Head, Shoulder, Neck and foot massage is also included.

Half Hour $35        Full Hour $65*


 Stress / Migraine Relief

Many migraines can be caused from stress and neck tension. A gentle comforting massage and stretch of the head, ears, neck, face and shoulders in a quite dark room has been found to help alleviate symptoms of stress and tension caused from migraines. Pressure points on the hands and fingers are also part of this treatment.  Having suffered from migraines myself, I’ve found these very helpful. 15 Minutes     $20      30 Mins $30  *This is in no way considered medical advice or treatment.