Dermaplanning $75

We are proud to offer Dermaplaning with Kim right now $25 off through the rest of October. Includes a light Lactic peel! $75

Saving $50 total!


Image result for dermaplaningWhat’s better than getting smooth, glowing skin? Getting smooth, glowing, hairless skin. Dermaplaning also gets rid of the vellus hairs (affectionately known as “baby hairs” or “peach fuzz”) on the surface of your face in the process of removing dead skin cells. One of the most common misconceptions about dermaplaning, according to Benjamin, is that it will make the hair on your face grow back darker and thicker. “This is a total myth!” she says.

“Hyperkeratosis” is a buildup of the top layer of your skin, which causes dull complexion and acne. Dermaplaning reduces the thickness of this layer which helps correct these conditions.

Dermaplaning provides a completely clean palate, which will help your makeup go on more smoothly!