Spring Event – Vitamins for your skin!

We are so excited about the masks coming off and life opening up once again!

Vitamins are so important for your skin and your physical and emotional health.
(And don’t we all need this right now?)

Please join us at our Vitamin Event
Thursday, April 14th

Appointments are required for treatments!

Book one of the “April 14th” services for this event! https://to-make-beautiful-skin-spa.square.site/

( no other services will be available for this event.)
Please join us even if you’re not receiving a treatment and learn about some of our amazing new services and celebrate our 11th birthday!🎉 just R.S.V.P. here – tomakebeautiful@gmail.com

We hope to see you!

Choose one or all three!

🍊April 14th Vitamin B12 Lipotropic injection

  • Nurse Erin
    Vitamins and minerals are the building blocks of our bodies. When we don’t get the right vitamins, our bodies can stop functioning properly.
    This could cause weight gain, depression, disease, fatigue, or other symptoms. Vitamin B12 is an extremely important vitamin that helps brain function, red blood cells, and more!

🍊April 14th Hydra-needle HA, Botox & vitamin Facial treatment – Nurse Erin
Using a single use 24ct patented gold-plated micro-injection system that painlessly delivers a customized cocktail designed for your specific skincare goals,
such as: vitamins, enzymes, micro quantities of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid fillers at a 600 micron depth micro needles to reach the dermis. (Not just the epidermis, the upper layers of skin.)

Great for large pores, rosacea, fine lines and hydration.
The entire treatment taking less than 20 minutes
(Non an injectable service)


Kimberlee, ALE
Book this advanced skincare vitamin C infused subdermal treatment with a head and neck massage.
Jet Peel facials are our best selling treatments because they feed the skin with nutrients and leave a gorgeous, healthy complexion.

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