Bridal Review 11/2012

THIS IS WHY we love what we do. From a bride, whom on her wedding day surprised even me with how absolutely feminine, princess like and gorgeous she came out because we used less makeup and a totally different look last minute!

Mazeltov Shimrit!

” Kim and Maral,

I was waiting until I could actually attach some pictures (the photos are up, but I don’t have the digital negatives yet), but since the short our videographer put together is up, I thought I would send you both an e-mail with the link since it so perfectly highlights not only your amazing work, but how incredibly  pleased I was with my look.

You both did an absolutely amazing job. I don’t think my hair or makeup could have possibly looked better (and everyone – especially Josh – commented as much). Thank you both for all your hard work making me and my ladies look amazing. Should you ever need a glowing recommendation, you know where to find me :)Love, S”
p.s. I’ll send some stills once I have access to them.
We posted your short online here: