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Boston Summer Weddings 26 in Total!

It’s been such an AH-mazing 2014 wedding season.

#Smokey eye, #Boston #Bride Benoit McCarthy Photography Danvers, MA
Bridal makeup Gloucester, MA

We’ve had 26 in total for this summer and we are looking forward to the Fall Season. 

We’ve traveled from Cohassett all the way to Nashua, NH for many of our brides.  We’ve been at the amazing popular venues again such as: Willowdale Estate, Cruiseport Gloucester, Turner Hill, Merrimac Valley Golf Club, Gibet Hill, Smith Barn,


Marissa! So gorgeous!
Rick Reade photography Willowdale Estate Bride


Marissa, Smith Barn Peabody

Merrimac Valley Country Club and the Andover Country Club. and some new venues such as the Four Oaks Country Club,  Copley Fairmont Hotel and the Hyatt Harborside Hotel in East Boston.



I love working with the usual FABULOUS photographers such as Gaby and Dave Benoit of    Bharat Parma

Seamless False lashes Willowdale Bride with Rick Reade Photography










and Rick Reade

And although I haven’t done an official wedding with Heather Parker, I did attend our friend’s wedding together. Heather, you are hysterical!

I’ve also met some pretty talented new photographers, MAK Photo,  with my bride Amy..

Amy, Andover Country Club
Amy, Andover Country Club Nikki Photo ( Who was the photographer for my dearest friend’s wedding. Looking forward to those photos of Cocaine Tongue, her wild Guns and Roses cover band! haha/

We’ve done brides with natural looks to Smokey Eyes and we’ve recruited a few hair stylists to work with us as well so we can come as a team.

We have also booked 7 confirmed weddings for 2015!  Looking forward it!!

What's happening at to make Beautiful

Spring Weddings!

What an amazing month May was.

We had weddings at the Andover Country Club, Cruiseport Gloucester, Willowdale Estate and the Commander’s Mansion in Watertown, MA.  It also seems BIG wedding parties are the in thing. Jennifer by Jaq


Two of our weddings were parties of 11 and 12! Holy mascara and how fun for us.  June seems to be a pretty great month for us as well as the rest of the year!  Thank you to everyone that refers us. We SO appreciate it! Looking forward to making Beautiful faces this whole year!

Kim, Jaqui, Lisa, Tara

bridal makeup kristin