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Look Good, Feel Better for the 2011 Oncology Nurses Convention

Last April I was asked by my rep, Patti from Clarisonic if I would participate in helping to say thank you to the amazing Oncology Nurses as a part of LOOK GOOD FEEL BETTER at their annual convention in Boston.  It was an honor to meet each of the nurses and listen to their stories about what inspired them to be in their chosen fields and what it was about their careers that kept them happy.  Most viewed end of life care an honorable service.  They were able to give comfort and dignity to those that knew they would not have to suffer from their diseases any longer.  They felt a deep sense of hope and inspiration  in being a part of the lives  of those who went on to fight the battle and survive.  Nurses are the ones who keep us healthy and alive.  They do the labor and care after surgeries, and most of it is not always roses when people are sick and unhappy.

So, you can see how humbled I was to be a part of the weekend to be able to say thank you and offer complimentary mini facials and makeup applications on behalf of Clarisonic to these amazing, courageous nurses.  I respect them for their chosen profession!  So thank you to all of the wonderful nurses that have helped me and my friends and families in the past!