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Planning the Perfect Reception Professionals all under one roof


  • A wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration with all of the most important people in your life. Every part should be enjoyed to the fullest (planning included). We work as a team every weekend providing top tier service to our clients – so why not do the same to help couples even earlier in the wedding process with planning and vendor selection. We are the Boston area’s most elite wedding professionals when it comes to dedication, education, customer service, collaboration, and taking your dreams and visions and shaping them into your perfect wedding day. Every company listed here is trained (and ready) to give you, your family, and your friends the most elegant and amazing celebration. We aren’t here to sell you anything but we are here to help provide valuable information with the goal of helping you get one step closer to the perfect reception.
  • Mission
    For couples recently engaged and planning their weddings, we provide the best in: Boston Wedding Professionals, Wedding Education, Wedding Resources, & We even have a fantastic live wedding lounge that lets couples mingle with the best in the industry.