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SpaWeek $50 services available

Hydration Eye Mask Add on service to any facial or lash treatmentAdd a boost of anti aging and hydration with our BOMBSHELL SKINCARE eye treatment during your facial adding extra plumpness!15 minutes $15

Spa Week Brow Shaping $10 Normally $18 April 8-27th onlyUsing Bombshell hard wax to protect and hydrate the skin. (ONLY valid for appointments during Spa Weeks April 8-27,2019 Other appointment times will be declined.)15 minutes $10

Spa Week Add on Peel $20 April 8-27th onlyAdd on to any facial for an extra exfoliation, brightness and smoothness. Lactic or glycolic.10 minutes $20

Spa Week Chocolate Antioxidant Facial April 8-27, 2019Smells as good as it sounds and gives AMAZING results. Cocoa Extract is abundant in vitamins E and B. It also contains glycerides which deliver moisturizing lipids and fats which plump and firm, help soothe sensitivities, and protect skin from environmental damage. Also contains the anti-aging amino acids serine and alanylglutamine, essential in skin cell rejuvenation. (ONLY valid for appointments during Spa Weeks April 8-27,2019 Other appointment times will be declined.)55 minutes $50

Spa Week Relax and Refresh Spa Facial April 8-27thA lighter relaxing facial with enzymes, minimal extractions, a finishing mask and a relaxing face, neck, shoulder and head massage massage 60 minutes . Valid only during SPA WEEKS April 8-27th 2019 Add on an extra hydration mask or CBD booster for $15 55 minutes $50

Spa Week Microderm Treatment with Mask April 8-27, 2019A 30 Microdermabrasion Treatment Using genuine laser-cut diamond-tip applicators. This treatment will exfoliate the skin’s upper surface while a gentle suction feature stimulates the production of collagen & elastin and improves blood circulation. A soothing, hydrating mask is applied after this treatment. Your skin will look and feel clean, fresh and rejuvenated from the very fist treatment. Great for acne, scaring, thick sun damaged skin. (ONLY valid for appointments during Spa Weeks April 8-27,2019 Other appointment times will be declined.) Add on a chemical exfoliant for an extra added antiaging bonus! $2530 minutes $50

Spa Week Dermaplanning Treatment April 8-27, 2019Dermaplaning removes all the dead skin cells and vellus hairs on the skin. A calming mask is then added for a radiant glow. a hair removal service. Dermaplaning also allows for greater penetration of skincare products and creates a flawless canvas for makeup to glide on smoothly. In fact, cosmetic dermatologists often use dermaplaning to help prepare skin for more intrusive procedures such as laser treatments and chemical peels. Add on a peel for $20 for an extra exfoliation and collagen boost! (ONLY valid for appointments during Spa Weeks April 8-27,2019 Other appointment times will be declined.) Normally $125″55 minutes $50

Spa Week Lash Lift And Tint April 8-27, 2019 onlyYour own lashes lifted to wake up amazing!! A great alternative to eyelash extensions or for clients with sensitivities. It is a low maintenance lash solution for clients as results lasts up to 8 weeks. These are perfect for those who have straight or downward facing natural lashes, giving your eyes and face an instant lift! You will look more awake and even more youthful! No mascara for 24 hours. Do not sleep on your face for 24 hours. Includes a $35 Lash Tint “ONLY valid for appointments during SPA WEEKS April 8-27 2019 *Other appointment times will be declined. Normally $75″35 minutes $50

CBD Oil add on (Organic USDA)• Increases Hydration • Reduces Fine Lines & Wrinkles • Increases Firmness & Elasticity • Repairs • Balances • Calming Concerns • Preventative • Wrinkles & Fine Lines • Lift & Firm • Post Treatment • Rosacea • Acne CBD Oil is a GLYMED Purely Professional product5 minutes $20

Reviews and Compliments


A chemical exfoliation to promote the repair and regeneration of skin to promote a fresher healthier skin. even great for those tiny bumps on the backs of your arms!


Keep some and give some as gifts, save $95 and be ready for those holiday parties with AMAZING SKIN!

Skincare Services What's happening at to make Beautiful

Advanced Skincare – Ultrasonic Facials and Chemical Peels

Ultrasonic Facial Treatment  $125
This high tech treatment will exfoliate dead skin cells for clear and radiant skin without  redness and irritation.
It will loosen and help remove oil, dirt and sebum from the pores and hair follicles, resulting in less blackheads and breakouts and brighten and smooth aging skins. Safe enough for rosacea, acne, and sensitive skins.

It gently stimulates skin and blood flow to encourage collagen and elastin production, hydration and better product penetration into the deeper levels of the epidermis having a longer lasting and more effective result. After a series of treatments, fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable and skin color, tone and texture becomes more even and uniform.

For a total, relaxing spa experience add on a face, neck, shoulder and head massage for $15.

  • Anti-aging $95  A facial with a more, “Mature” need. Starting to see the signs of maturing skin? Customized products used specifically for skins that need help in restoring elasticity, brightness and a healthy glow. Also includes a relaxing face, head and shoulder massage.
  • Acne/Deep Cleansing  $85 This facial skips the fluff and buff and gets right to work with a deep cleansing, deeper exfoliation and maximum extractions. Incorporating products to reduce bacteria and help calm and heal irritated skins. Active acne should not be massaged, but, you have the option of a scalp massage if you wish.
  • Tween Facial  $50 A facial for troubled skin that tends to break out. We only work on cleaning, healing and calming the skin on the face and discuss hygiene and a regular skincare routine. Approximately 45-50 mins
  • European classic facial $75  Classic cleansing, gentle enzyme exfoliation, minimal extractions customized finishing mask and a relaxing facial, neck and shoulder massage.
  • 30 Minute Mini  $45  Exfoliation, light extractions and a mask suited for your skin type. Great when you just need a quick in between cleaning or experience a mini breakout.


Glymed Chemical Peels  $125 -$150   A treatment to  give your skin a healthy, just refreshed glow or a little more aggressive peel to help diminish sun damage and fine lines.

Anti-age your hands too! $35 for a chemical peel of the hands or decollete’.

Peels start with 1 layer and each additional layer is $10.

  • Intense Antioxidant Pumpkin Pomegranate
  • 30% Lactic
  • 5 Berry Pigment Control

Depending on the depth of the peel some downtime may be required and after peel kits are strongly recommended to maintain the best results of your treatment.  Take 10% off of your Glymed Professional post peel kit when you purchase a peel.

You must  not be in the sun prior or after when having a peel and must wear sunblock after and avoid activities that will bring heat or sweat to your face for 24 hours.

Chemical Peels , Ultrasonic Facial

Skincare and makeup tips Skincare Services What's happening at to make Beautiful

Why should I have a facial and if so, how often should I have one?

One of the most frequently asked questions when I am working on waxing or makeup clients is, “should I be having facials?”  YES OF COURSE! You get your car washed and you go to the dentist right?

Now, choosing what type of facial and how often depends on your skincare concerns and goals, your current skin condition, age and health.  Facials help remove surface debris, dirt and old skin cells that make us look dull, tired and exhausted!  We have so many advances in skincare now that a, “basic facial” usually is an enzyme such as pumpkin or fruits that will gently remove the dead surface skin cells and relaxing massage and finishing mask, which is great for your skin in and of itself.  More importantly, a good Esthetician can usually spot trouble before it gets out of control.  If something looks suspicious on your skin she will recommend you to see a Dermatologist for medical advice.  We do not diagnose skin disorders, but we can help with making sure you are aware of your skin.

Facials that use acids, like lactic, Jessners or retinoids will help lighten, brighten, improve the look of fine lines and hydrate as well as exfoliate.  They can also go deeper and have a physical peeling action which will require, “down time”.  This is when the dead cells will peel and shed as if you had a sunburn, but the results are well worth it!  Great for deeper sunspots and acne or just prepping for the big event you have coming up.  These sorts of peels do require you to use certain skincare products prior to the treatment and a restricted skincare routine after as well as a follow up visit.

Microdermabrasion,  lasers and radio frequency skin tightening treatmtents such as Pelleve’ are other facial options to soften your skin, polish and brighten and reduce surface wrinkles.

At to make Beautiful we start out slowly in order to get to know your skin, your sensitivity level and how your skin reacts and then we decide to go to the next step with more aggressive facials.

So, to sum it all up it’s best to book a consultation along with a basic facial and at least start with a great skincare regime at home then make a plan with your Esthetician to get your skin healthy and happy!