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Professional Makeup Brushes | Boston Esthetics

fan brush

Want to up your makeup game?? Then come on in and give our professional makeup brushes a whirl.  See how much more precise and smooth your makeup application comes out!!  Highlight, contour, foundation, eyes We have it all!

Dual contour highlight brush 

hand held kabuki
Reviews and Compliments

Save on on line gift cards through Dec 31, 2017

 We apologize, This promotion has expired.



Oh the rush of the holiday season is upon us!!!  With shopping, baking, cooking on top of your every day lives it gets exhausting! SO, we thought we’d help you out by offering on line gift card purchases AND a 20% off savings


Use code THANKYOU2017 when checking out.  You can also send these directly to the recipient on a future date, like Christmas Eve, or on their birthday.


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