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Boston Weddings Bridal Info

Summer weddings in New England

Boston wedding
Bridesmaid makeup Boston
Willowdale Bride
My gorgeous bride Caitlin . Married at the Willowdale Estate in Ipswich, MA

I am so blessed to have been able to have so many weddings this summer. I’ve had the opportunity to hire a few new makeup artists and they have done AMAZING work for me!  Lisa and Tara both have years of experience as Makeup Artists and Lisa is also an Advanced Esthetician specializing in brow artistry.



Bridal makeup

Subtle Smokey Eye Wedding Makeup Boston


The venues have been gorgeous, The Willowdale Estate, The Mansion at Turner Hill, The Seaport Hotel in Boston, The Sheraton Wakefield, The Hawthorne Hotel, Salem.

Wedding makeup
What eyes on her! Glamorous bridesmaid makeup at the Seaport Hotel in Boston

And the wedding parties have been such  amazing groups of women inside and out.  Everyone has been so extremely generous with compliments and gratitude!

bride sierra
How stunning

bride jess Congratulations Jess,   jen bride Congrats Jen!

It was our honor to have been a part of your big days!

Love your Beauty Team,

Kim, Tara, Lisa

and Hair By Helaine Marie Salon

Boston Weddings Bridal Info

Newly Engaged, now what? Bridal shows, vendors oh my!

So, you are engaged, congratulations!  And now the games begin.  Finding a date, where to have the ceremony, where to have the venue,  where do I buy a dress, what DJ to use, what is up-lighting, who will do my hair and makeup, what photographer is the best, do I need a contract, what about these wedding and bridal shows??? And the questions go on and on and on..


So, having been in the wedding industry for 6 years now and having participated at bridal shows one thing I can suggest is before you go to a bridal show have a plan.

1. Create a label with your name, email, phone number and wedding dates so that you don’t have to continually keep writing all of this info down at each vendor’s table you visit.  It is actually worth it to give the vendors your info as they usually send you deals for attending the show!

2.  Bring friends or some of your wedding party to help split up the categories you wish to visit. ( photographer, makeup artist, bakers, etc.)

3.  Bring a bag for all of the brochures you will be gathering.

4. Bring a note book so that you can remember the vendors you met with and what you liked/disliked and what the deals bein offered were.

5. Enjoy the planning process of planning your wedding. Don’t try to do everything on your own. Delegate and be a beautiful bride!