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How to choose a wedding day Beauty team

Tips for a successful trial

Choosing a team for your most photographed wedding day can be very stressful. We’ve done thousands of trials and want yours to be as successful and productive as it can be. Here are some tips:


Coming in with a clean face is best. Do your regular skincare routine before you arrive is suggested. Please let us know if you wear contacts glasses, have allergies, sensitivities or anything else that will make us understand who you are and what you are looking to achive.

We can also address skincare prep for the big day and bridal savings packages. Brides receive 15% off of services and retail.

We are very good and have some amazing ideas, but we are unable to see the vision in your head and we want to make you feel as if we nailed it and that you are in love with your look. We suggest you take a look around Pinterest/Instagram and on our social media pages as well for ideas. Tell us what you do want as well as what you don’t want.

What to do if it wasn’t quite what you expected? 

We are used to people making tweeks to their look. This is OK! Don’t be shy, it’s your time and your money being spent, so if you decide on the first trial it wasn’t as expected, don’t give up on your team. Let us know and we can arrange another trial with the same artist/stylist or someone new on our team for a discounted rate.

Trials are separate services from your wedding day and not a deposit towards wedding day services.

  • For your hair trial please bring all hair accessories you will be wearing to your trial and have dry hair.
  • Please note: Each appointment is approximately 60-90 minutes per service. Services for longer than 90 minutes will incur additional charges at $50 per hour.

How do I hold my date?

  • Trials are best 6 months to a year prior to your wedding date. ( We book up pretty quickly.)
  • Please note that we can not hold a wedding date without a deposit and signed contract.  You may hold a date with a refundable deposit, (up to three months prior to the wedding non refundable thereafter) and book a trial at a later time.
  • A deposit is due at the time of booking and applied towards your wedding day.  This can be done by a credit card hold and if the appointment is cancelled without re-booking it is non refundable.