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Meeting Miss Teen Massachusetts

Meeting Miss Teen Massachusetts Madyson Milordy

Posted on February 27, 2013 at 5:50 pm

I have never met a Miss Teen Massachusetts in person before this January.  Madyson was also attending the grand reopening of Bella Sera Bridal / Lorraine Roy.  These two stores merged the end of last year. miss teen MA and me

Madyson was exceptionally smart, polite, friendly as well as gorgeous and so down to earth. We spent our time discussing how she was going for her Spinning certification and how I have also been teaching for three years now and she even offered to come be a guest for one of my classes.  She really respected her crown and let people know that she was not allowed to have them holding a glass of wine while taking photographs with her.  Her mom was also a knock out and someone I had met years prior.  You would have thought we were best college buddies from the warm welcoming demeanor both of these women possessed.  I was honored to have had my photo taken with Madyson, although I’m surprised they didn’t crop me out of the photo!

Earlier that evening I had done the makeup for the owners of Bella Sera, Heidi and Lisa and their children.  I love women owned businesses that support each other!  Thanks to them I had the great experience of meeting Madyson and I’m proud to know she is representing Massachusetts!