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Lash Extension Skincare Services

Semi permanent Lash Extensions!

Individual lash extensions

They are gorgeous and addicting.  NO MASCARA needed just wake-up and go.  Actually, your lashes can stay in longer since you won’t be curling and applying and removing mascara. We use a medical grade glue to attach one individual lash to one of your own individual lashes. They grow out just as your natural lashes grow and using a lash enhancement product helps the  lash extend it’s anagen stage, the healthy growth stage.  They look very natural and can be as short or as long as you are willing to go.

Every few weeks you have a fill just as you would do with gel or acrylic nails.

All of the stars are wearing them, why can’t you?

We are currently launching a new service for those that have been dying to try the red carpet look:

The teaser lash:  20 lashes on each eye towards the outer 1/3 of your eye for $90

Appointments are required.

  $225 initial set (includes a touch up in one week)

$50 clean up and fill within two weeks

$75 clean up and fill within 3 weeks