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Cellulite Reduction

cellulite reduction

Cellulite is an issue that impacts many people. Once it shows up, getting rid of it can seem impossible. There are a few different options for cellulite reduction on the market currently. The Venus Versa™ offers a non-surgical way to tackle many skin imperfections, including cellulite.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite shows up when deposits of fat are able to push up through the connective tissue found beneath the skin. Common places to see it include the buttocks and the thighs, but it can show up almost anywhere.

 It is a very common condition, with 80-90 of women experiencing it at some point in their life. The reason women are more susceptible than men to develop cellulite has to do with the different ways their bodies distribute muscle, fat, and connective tissue.

The exact cause of cellulite is not fully understood. There are some factors that seem to increase a person’s chance of developing it. They include:

  • Age
  • Hormonal Fluctuations
  • Genetics
  • Lifestyle Choices
  • Diet

How Venus Versa™ Can Help

The Venus Versa™ is actually a very versatile device that can help with hair removal, acne reduction, skin resurfacing, and cellulite reduction. It is through skin resurfacing that the appearance of cellulite can be improved.

When used for this reason, the Venus Versa™ device makes using tiny pins to help deliver the Nano-Fractional Radio Frequency. When your body detects this micro-channels, it instantly springs into action to help “heal” them. It will do this through creating new collagen and elastin fibers.

Venus Versa™ cellulite reduction treatments are much more comfortable than laser treatments due to the small size of the pins used to deliver the heat. While treating cellulite, this method can also get rid of any acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, enlarged pores, and wrinkles present in the area.

What to Expect with Venus Versa™ Treatments

This treatment is both safe and effective for all skin tones and types. Many people choose to have this treatment done during their lunch break. It may take more than one treatment to get you to your desired results. This can be discussed at a consultation where we will make a customized treatment plan just for you.

Most patients end up needing around six to eight treatment initially and routine maintenance.