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Wedding Planning

Preparing for your big day takes a lot of planning and patience.
Here are a few of my tips for a great hair and makeup trial consultation.
*Come in with your #makeup on so we can see what you feel comfortable wearing. Bring photos of a look you think you would like for your #wedding day. Having done thousands of faces over the years, I’ve learned that your, “#smokey eye” is not what most people think it is. Is smokey for you dark, or plumbs, blues,greens? Do you line inside of the water line or not? A picture is worth a thousand words and makes it much easier for us to communicate and understand one another. We are good, but sometimes we need a little help.


Sometimes all of that black you are used to for your every day life doesn’t transfer well onto your #wedding day. A bride wants to look Fresh, Crisp, clean and #beautiful with a gentle touch of sexy. Too much sparkle will not come out great in photos. It will turn grey, silvery and make you look washed out. You are to be photographed ALL DAY LONG and our makeup will last and be photo and hi def ready.


We are booking into 2015 right now. We still have plenty of room for more brides, but don’t put pressure on yourself by not securing your #hair and makeup professionals well in advance.

AND. if by some chance we didn’t get it 100% on our first try, LET US KNOW. We would LOVE to do a second redo then have you run somewhere else and pay for another trial. 

What's happening at to make Beautiful


We have been asked over the years if we provide airbrush makeup. And finally the answer will be YES!  We have just purchased a TEMPTU PRO system and taking our first class in few weeks to perfect our skills.

The cost for airbrush will be an additional $25 per face.

If you would like to read more about the airbrush applications:


Looking forward to making Beautiful faces together!

Kim, Jacquie, Lisa, Tara, Diane and Jen!

What's happening at to make Beautiful

Couples’ Choice Award Wedding Wire 2014

WOW! I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have one yet, another award for wedding makeup!  THANK YOU past brides for writing in on your amazing experiences.  We take weddings very seriously so we respond immediately to your requests.  THANK YOU and keep sharing the word!

Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award 2014
Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award 2014

Warmest Regards,

Kim, Jaqui, Lisa and Tara

Prom season What's happening at to make Beautiful

Glitterati Model for a day

#Glitterati #model for a day!
#Glitterati #model for a day!
Model for a day, Glitterati, Danvers, MA

Glitterati-1596 Glitterati-1769 Glitterati-1790 Glitterati-1902 Glitterati-1932 Glitterati-1966 Glitterati-2037 What a fun night I had with Rick Reade Photography at #Glitterati Prom and Pageant Superstore in Danvers, MA

The girls searching for the ultimate, “must have prom dress” got to not only see their dresses in the mirror, but have the complete look with hair, makeup and a photo shoot complimentary.

WOW, how fun?!

We provide #Prom #Makeup at our studio or if you have five friends we will come out to you! $50 per person.

Wedding Wire Couple's Choice Award 2014
Wedding Wire Couple’s Choice Award 2014
Best of the Knot Weddings 2014
Best of the Knot Weddings 2014