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Personalized on location wedding services

There is something glamorous about having your makeup and hair team come to you on your wedding day in the privacy of your own home, or your bridal suite.  Everyone wants to make your day special for you, your beautify team,  your florists and photographer all want to be there to accommodate you for your special day.  You just can’t have the photos and memories of you getting ready with your wedding party if you are at a crowded mall, where you have to fight for parking and have total strangers staring at you getting ready!

And what if you get stuck in traffic? OH NO.  So choose a makeup artist and hair stylist that can come to where you are so you can relax, have some champagne and start your wedding day off the right way!

to make Beautiful –

Our job is to make beautiful people more beautiful!


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Prom and Wedding Season

What an AMAZING season we have had so far making beautiful weddings, proms and even makeup for Chistinings and more!  

Check out our Facebook page for updated photos and comments from amazing clients.

Tuesday, May 22nd, Kristin, on of our AMAZING Estheticians/Makeup Artists will be doing prom makeup in our Stoneham Makeup Studio.  

 There are a few spots left. So call to book.  She is also available for makeup lessons and waxing.


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Happy 1st Birthday to make Beautiful!

Today we turn 1!!   Yeeah!  We will blow out the candles and say thank you to all of our wonderful

Clients, brides, skincare, hair removal, lash extensions and Reiki!  It’s been a fun and exciting ride and thanks to you we made It through. To celebrate I am offering any facial waxing for $1.00 with any facial booked!  Call or email for your appointment!  And if it’s your  birthday, let us know! We will give you a FREE brow wax!!





Reviews and Compliments What's happening at to make Beautiful

Best of Boston Bridal Makeup -reviews from past brides :)

brittany8/12  Hi Kim:  I just wanted to send you a quick email thanking you for doing such an amazing job on Saturday! I’ll send pictures soon! 🙂 Thanks Again!
8/12 Lashes(lash extensions after 3 weeks) still going strong!    Lollashes-before-and-after


9/12 Kim – I can’t thank you enough for the amazing job you did on all of us for my wedding this past Saturday! Everyone’s makeup looked incredible and you are truly an expert with eyelashes. I so appreciate all of the time you put into making our day stress free and beautiful. I strongly recommend your bridal services and also your facials. Many, many thanks!
Hi Kim, I Wanted to share the pictures from my engagement shoot. The make up looked gorgeous and I definitely want to move forward for the wedding!



Hi Kim!!!

First of all – I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the absolutely stunning job you did both on my makeup as well as my wedding party’s.  I looked flawless all night – even after sweating up a storm from dancing and received compliment after compliment on how natural yet absolutely gorgeous I looked as well as all my girls.  Also – thank you so much for going above an beyond in helping my mom both with her hair and makeup.  For a woman who’s idea of glamming it up means putting a barrette in her hair and calling it a day – her makeup looked flawless and stunning and her hair could not have looked better thanks to you.   My girls couldnt stop raving at how fun you were to have as we all got ready and how absolutely talented you were in doing everyones makeup – from the girls who never wear makeup to the fashionistas.  I couldn’t have asked for a more amazing, fun, talented, and all around fantastic makeup artist to make my wedding day any more perfect :-).  So thank you thank you thank you!!!!


Hi Kim, it was nice to meet you as well! Sorry our trial ran longer than expected, thank you for being patient with me as you “opened my eyes” with new techniques and ways of doing my makeup! lol. I’m very appreciative and really liked the look you created. I know with your help I will look and feel beautiful on my wedding day 🙂

Bride, June,2012



Hi Kim,
I just wanted to send a quick thank you for being so warm and wonderful last night.  You and Melissa and Kristin really put me at ease and I LOVED the results of both hair and makeup.  I feel like such a load has been lifted off my mind today since I found the perfect look for my wedding day and the perfect people for the job.

One more thing checked off the seemingly endless wedding to-do list! 🙂



Thank you Kim and Tanya!!!! I loooooooooooove my makeup (eyelashes were perfect for the shoot and my makeup  was flawless); and my hair kept shape volume and style for the shoot and the whole rest if the night–I never knew my air could do that!! You guys are the best!! Thank you!!!!


“I hired Kim to do my make-up because another vendor fell through for my wedding. She responded immediately, despite the fact that I called last minute and late at night. I had exactly what I wanted for my special day, and her work was so exceptional that my photographer thought my false lashes were my own! My bridesmaids and I had a blast getting ready, and everyone was beautiful.” December 31, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Oct 2011

perfect detail bridal makeup






“I used Kim for my wedding makeup! It was flawless. I have melasma (darks spotty splotchy patches) Kim was able to make my skin tone so even and soft looking. I glowed, it was just beautiful. Kim makes you feel RELAXED!! We were all running late, the hotel was awful; Kim smiles told jokes got my mother bottles water. She was excellent during the whole process. Hiring Kim was the only thing that went smoothly. Kim was even flexible enough to do the make-up for person who at the last minute changed their mind and HAD to have Kim do her face so she could look as flawless as the rest of us. Did I mention that this wedding was in the HEAT of AUGUST and I looked great the entire day. No streaking or shining. The pictures came out wonderful.

Kim is professional, knowledgeable, punctual, and funny and brings a calm spirit with her. Everyone should hire her once and really enjoy what Kim does with ease:  To Make Beautiful!!!” December 28, 2011

Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Aug 2010

Real lashes just great mascara


“My sisters and I hired Kim to do our make-up at my sister’s wedding back in April of 2011.  My sister, the bride, had interviewed a couple of different make-up artists, and she was pleased with the natural look that Kim created for her. Kim was cheerful, encouraging and very knowledgeable on the day of the wedding. She really put everyone at ease, and everyone was pleased with her work. I highly recommend hiring Kim next time you need to look great on a special occasion!”
Service Category: Makeup Artist
Year first hired: 2011
Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity

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Thank you to my 2011 brides, skincare and Reiki Clients


As 2011 comes to an end of our first year in business , ( 8 months April 4th) I want to say thank you to everyone that let me be an important part of one of the biggest days in your lives!

It’s so exciting to be preparing the bridal party for their big debut.  It’s also relaxing and pampering to sit for a few minutes and have someone apply skincare and makeup and have your hair done on location!

Very Hollywood no? 🙂

Bridal makeup
Wedding day perfection


Because of your referrals, and letting me share your photos I have been blessed and very thankful for all of you.  Should you have a few minutes to share your experience there is a link at the end of this blog to do so.   I have continued to see some of you as skincare and waxing clients and that makes me smile BIG!

So again, thank you all!!


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Getting Wedding Ready

Wedding makeup
The final touches



Every bride wants to look radiant on her wedding day and makeup alone isn’t going to do that.  If you plan it right you can achieve the most perfect face a camera has ever seen with a few good months of prepping.  Working from the inside out, first of all keep up on your water intake.  The stress of the planning to perfect your day will more than likely be taking it’s toll on your skin.  The erroneous breakout, the dry skin and the lack of hydration.

Next, make sure you are getting some well needed sleep. I know it sounds so cliche’, but sleep is when the body and skin repairs itself.  Of course I must mention a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and your omegas!  Those are the bare basics, now onto skin prepping.

Start to plan regularly scheduled facials and if you don’t already have one, a skin care regime 6-12 months prior is great.  If you have any skin concerns, pigment issues, lines, wrinkles, breakouts now is the time to start addressing them.  It will give you and your Esthetician plenty of time to go gently and not cause any further damage.  You don’t want to look like Samantha in Sex in the city after her chemical peel do you??  If your skin is in decent shape facials can be a  perfect way to ensure your skin is hydrated, healthy and it gives you an opportunity to grab some of that rest that you are going to need so you don’t have those circles under your eyes in your wedding photos.

Laser treatments are going to take a few months to do the job as well. Hair removal can only be done approximately every 8 weeks and can be anywhere from 6-12 visits before the hair starts to disappear.  So the sooner the better with that one.  Get your brows shaped or even reshaped by a professional as well.  Sometimes brows need help growing in and may require some regrowth serums.  If you are thinking of  Botox or injectibles you may want to do a small patch test on an area that isn’t noticeable like maybe your forehead under your bangs for Botox or maybe a smaller dose of a filler in your lips well in advance.   If the result isn’t what you desired you will have plenty of time to counter act the results as to not ruin your wedding day.  And of course, secure your makeup artist and hair stylist as soon as you can.  I’ve run into a lot of situations where brides are calling a month or even weeks before their wedding day asking for availability and sometimes I’ve been unable to find another makeup artist that I trust to hand the job off to.  You need to have a pretrial consultation before the wedding and give yourself enough time to find more than one just in case you are not happy with your first choice.


Lastly, know that in the end all of this prepping is really about showing the world your big bright smile for finding the person you want to share your life with, so enjoy the prepping!