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Thank you to my 2011 brides, skincare and Reiki Clients


As 2011 comes to an end of our first year in business , ( 8 months April 4th) I want to say thank you to everyone that let me be an important part of one of the biggest days in your lives!

It’s so exciting to be preparing the bridal party for their big debut.  It’s also relaxing and pampering to sit for a few minutes and have someone apply skincare and makeup and have your hair done on location!

Very Hollywood no? 🙂

Bridal makeup
Wedding day perfection


Because of your referrals, and letting me share your photos I have been blessed and very thankful for all of you.  Should you have a few minutes to share your experience there is a link at the end of this blog to do so.   I have continued to see some of you as skincare and waxing clients and that makes me smile BIG!

So again, thank you all!!


What's happening at to make Beautiful

Getting Wedding Ready

Wedding makeup
The final touches



Every bride wants to look radiant on her wedding day and makeup alone isn’t going to do that.  If you plan it right you can achieve the most perfect face a camera has ever seen with a few good months of prepping.  Working from the inside out, first of all keep up on your water intake.  The stress of the planning to perfect your day will more than likely be taking it’s toll on your skin.  The erroneous breakout, the dry skin and the lack of hydration.

Next, make sure you are getting some well needed sleep. I know it sounds so cliche’, but sleep is when the body and skin repairs itself.  Of course I must mention a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables, lean meats and your omegas!  Those are the bare basics, now onto skin prepping.

Start to plan regularly scheduled facials and if you don’t already have one, a skin care regime 6-12 months prior is great.  If you have any skin concerns, pigment issues, lines, wrinkles, breakouts now is the time to start addressing them.  It will give you and your Esthetician plenty of time to go gently and not cause any further damage.  You don’t want to look like Samantha in Sex in the city after her chemical peel do you??  If your skin is in decent shape facials can be a  perfect way to ensure your skin is hydrated, healthy and it gives you an opportunity to grab some of that rest that you are going to need so you don’t have those circles under your eyes in your wedding photos.

Laser treatments are going to take a few months to do the job as well. Hair removal can only be done approximately every 8 weeks and can be anywhere from 6-12 visits before the hair starts to disappear.  So the sooner the better with that one.  Get your brows shaped or even reshaped by a professional as well.  Sometimes brows need help growing in and may require some regrowth serums.  If you are thinking of  Botox or injectibles you may want to do a small patch test on an area that isn’t noticeable like maybe your forehead under your bangs for Botox or maybe a smaller dose of a filler in your lips well in advance.   If the result isn’t what you desired you will have plenty of time to counter act the results as to not ruin your wedding day.  And of course, secure your makeup artist and hair stylist as soon as you can.  I’ve run into a lot of situations where brides are calling a month or even weeks before their wedding day asking for availability and sometimes I’ve been unable to find another makeup artist that I trust to hand the job off to.  You need to have a pretrial consultation before the wedding and give yourself enough time to find more than one just in case you are not happy with your first choice.


Lastly, know that in the end all of this prepping is really about showing the world your big bright smile for finding the person you want to share your life with, so enjoy the prepping!